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Getting Started with Duet in SBC mode (DSF)

To install this plugin, open DWC, go to Settings -> Plugins -> External Plugins and click on "Install Plugin". Then select the plugin ZIP file and confirm the following steps.

The plugin ZIP can be found on this GitHub repository's Releases -> Version X.X.X ->

Alternatively, click here to be taken to the release page.

If you are using RRF/DSF/DWC 3.5.0-rc:

As of September 7th, 2023, there is a bug with this plugin using DSF 3.5.0-rc that will cause the HTTP endpoints created for this plugin to be unreachable. To fix this: * Make sure the plugin is installed and started * SSH into the SBC * Enter the following command: sudo systemctl restart duetwebserver

This will restart the webserver and register the endpoints correctly. This must be done every time the SBC is started up. This should be fixed in the next release.


Getting started with the plugin

  1. Go to the plugin tab by navigating the side panel Plugins -> PrintWatch AI**`
  2. Enable the plugin by clicking the Enable Monitoring button
  3. In the PrintWatch AI plugin page, navigate to the Settings tab.
  4. Obtain your API key and enter it into the API key field. Navigate to the WebApp and create a Free account:
    1. Click 'Sign Up'
    2. Enter desired credentials
    3. Verify account with code sent via email
    4. Log into the WebApp and navigate to Account -> Settings and copy the API key value. Paste this value into the API key field in the Duet plugin
  5. For the Webcam URL input, enter the HTTP url at which the static image of the IP camera can be found. If using Motion to handle the webcam streaming, this value will be: http://<ip_address>:<port>/<camera_number>/current. If configured using default settings with the Motion Plugin, this will be: http://localhost:8081/0/current


There are two threshold setting values:

  • Notification Threshold: this is the defectiveness value at which a notification will be sent to the user.
  • Action Threshold: this is the defectiveness value at which an action (pause with m25) will be taken on behalf of the printer.

Enabling Monitoring

The plugin will begin actively monitoring the printer if: - a print job is currently active,

or if

  • test mode is enabled. (Enable this by clicking the Enable Test Mode button in the top right corner or the Plugin page)

Interpreting Results

Navigate to the Preview tab on the PrintWatch AI plugin page to view the AI's bounding boxes overlayed on the webcam preview. Detections with a certain score value will be drawn boxed in red.

The Defectiveness Level is shown on a circular Gauge to the right of the camera preview. The Gauge displays the level on a scale of 0 - 100. A score close to zero indicates that there are no defects detected in the current frame, where a larger value indicates that defects have been detected.

Each printer and configuration will have a different value at which defects are detected well at. Please refer section 1.3.1 of the Configuration Guide to properly setup the printer's AI.